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Dentures, worn by millions around the world, are among the most effective ways of replacing missing teeth. They look and feel natural and restore your smile and self-confidence. 

Years ago, dentures were notorious for being ill-fitting, unstable and unnatural looking. However, advances in dental technology now mean that dentures are built to last, restore your dental function and look just like the real thing.

Full dentures offer a completely new set of teeth for people who have lost all or most of theirs. Partial Dentures are made of various materials and designed to fit firmly and comfortably. 

dentures are used to replace a few missing teeth.

Our dentist ensures the appliance will look natural and provide all the benefits of your own teeth. Your denture is made specifically for you and we will show you how to care for it when it is fitted.

For more information or to book a consultation, please click here or call 02088029904

Acrylic dentures are made of a plastic resin material and are known for their affordability and ease of repair. They are also lightweight and easy to adjust. However, they can be brittle and may break if dropped or stepped on,

Flexible dentures are made from flexible nylon material and are much more comfortable than an acrylic denture. They are also more discreet when worn and more confidence-inspiring when eating and speaking. However, they are more costly than the traditional acrylic denture, and not generally available on the NHS. they are much more costly to repair than acrylic dentures. 

Chrome dentures are made from chrome cobalt alloy and are known for their strength and durability. They are also thinner and more lightweight than acrylic dentures, which can make them more comfortable to wear. They are designed to be well hidden inside the mouth, and some people prefer the feel of chrome dentures as the framework can be lighter and less bulky.




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