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Night Guards & Sports Guards

Night guards and sports guards

Night guards are plastic pieces that go over the top or bottom set of teeth. They are used to treat tooth grinding at night. Sports guards  are used for activities that involve a high risk of falling

Night guards have several benefits, including preventing tooth damage such as chipping or excessive wear of the teeth, protecting against Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), reducing tension and pain on your jaw muscles and joints, preventing headaches and migraines caused by teeth grinding and improving the quality of sleep by decreasing the amount of pain you feel when grinding your teeth. 


Sports guards are specially made rubber-like coverings that sit over your teeth, protecting you from trauma to the teeth, soft tissues and even jaw when playing sports. They are made to measure to protect your teeth during orthodontic treatment and for any physical contact sport that you may take part in. They come in a choice of colors and bespoke designs, 

Sports guards are essential for anyone who plays contact sports such as football, rugby, boxing, basketball, hockey, martial arts and more. They help prevent injuries to the mouth and teeth by absorbing the shock of impact. They also help prevent cuts and bruises to the lips and cheeks by acting as a barrier between the soft tissues of the mouth and the teeth. 




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