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Adding Teeth to your denture 

You can add additional teeth to your existing dentures depending on materials, tooth position, and tooth condition. Acrylic partial dentures tend to be the easier partial dentures to add an additional tooth to.

A dental technician simply needs to add more acrylic to the denture to chemically bond the new tooth.

The addition of a tooth to a denture chairside is a practical and sometimes easier than making a whole new pair of dentures when you lose another of your own teeth. In the current economic climate, patients are increasingly searching for economic alternatives to the fabrication of new dentures and, instead, opting to add teeth to their current dentures to reduce costs, 

Adding teeth to a cobalt chrome denture can be easy or tricky depending on the type of connector and its design. If the tooth to be added is some way away from your existing cobalt chrome base plate,      In general, it is harder to add teeth to a chrome cobalt denture.

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